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Guttapusalu Blouse Designs!

Jewel design blouse designs are present fashion . If you have a glance of the recent brides we saw kasu work blouse, jumkha , chandbali and guttasalu blouse designs. Among all the jewel designs one of the rocking and leading design that is running now is Guttapusalu blouse design.

Guttapusalu blouse designs is inspired from the south Indian traditional long chain Guttapusalu haram. A bunch of beads is the key factor in this design!  These blouse designs go very well on the silk sarees . With your saree matching kundans and pearls this blouse is been designed. Have a glance of this beautiful guttapusalu blouse designs.

Just experiment these designs with the different neck patterns like boat neck with cold shoulder or deep neck with elbow length pattern or completely deep neck . Ensure that the pattern of the blouse suits you.

We should learn the style from our celebrities.  Anupama parameswaran in yellow plain saree paired with royal blue guttapusla blouse.  This guttapusalu blouse design even rock on plain sarees.  If we observe the present trend is plain saree and when you teamed up with the guttapusla blouse the complete traditional look is been changed.

Blouse design like guttapusalu concept embellished using pearls and beads with silk thread details.The beauty of this blouse is it can be pair with any type of saree. A unique style of blouse concept from Bhargavi Amirineni

Based on your saree colour combination you may need to choose the kundans on the blouse. When you think of guttapusalu blouse design the beads remain white how ever if you can even choose the different colour as per your taste!

If your silk saree has a big border then below blouse pattern will go good . Peacock design on the neckline and for the feathers its been filled with the beads.  If you dont have any guttapusalu blouse design in your wardrobe you can go with the below option.

Elbow length sleeves for the silk saree  is one of the best option and when you go with the guttapusalu design on the blouse that will look more ethnic.

Try the above guttapusla blouse design if you dont have one in your wardrobe.