Top 10 mens accessories should have in Wardrobe

Fashion accessory is an item used to contribute, in a secondary manner, to the wearer’s clothing, often used to complete an outfit and chosen to specifically complement the wearer’s look.


There is no better way to redefine your style than by picking up some key accessories that will accentuate your overall look. The truth is, accessories separate the real men from the rest. After one must have invested in building his wardrobe, filled it up with clothing, next a man also need to invest in accessories because it is essential in complementing the outfit.

I am however, not oblivious to the fact that some guys don’t like or care about accessories no matter how much you try to convince them.

But I understand, there are some men who just like to keep things simple. If you are one of them, chances are you have something to gain from at least one accessory that will be genuinely useful. Check out this picture below and see if you don’t have at least one (1) out of all the different accessories below.


Here is my point, there are various types of accessories which are essential – because they all make you a better man, however when shopping on a budget or when trying to upgrade your wardrobe, people usually want to know the basic accessories they could start off with.

So here are the Top 10 accessories a gentleman must have in his wardrobe, you could consider this as the minimum basic requirements for men. ENJOY.


1. Watch

For many men, this is the one and only hand accessory which they invest in and it really helps if it’s an exceptional timepiece. It’s better having one pretty nice piece than several grungy timepieces. It doesn’t look nice when you see a man all dressed up in nice outfit only to be wearing a bad looking watch.

2. Belt


A high quality leather belt, just like an extra ordinary pair of shoes can last you for a pretty long period of time. Black and Brown are the basic colors every man should have in his wardrobe which should go with same shade of black and brown shoe. These colors are fantastic because they can easily match well with all your suits and will always stand out.

3. Wallet


You should invest in good quality wallets, they come at affordable rates. A lot of men go for many years using same wallet without replacing it. This is really bad, it’s very important for men to replace their wallet whenever it’s wearing off.

4. Sunglasses

This piece of accessory provides full protection against the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Other than this, sunglasses also add a touch of style to your look. There are many styles that are available, but ensure you choose the one that fits your face shape. While at it, remember it’s not proper to wear sports sunglasses with formal wear such as suit.

5. Socks 

When you’ve put time and attention into every other element of your look, slipping on a pair of dirty or worn-out socks is a big fashion sin that’s sure to get noticed. Believe me, there’s a good chance your colleagues and date will see your socks, so why not draw their attention to a worthy pair?

6. Ties and Tie Clips

Behind every great tie is a greater man. There are couple of things one should about ties. The greater the number of ties that a man has the better. But be careful of how to choose your tie as it is important to avoid cheap ties because they will just look cheap even if you pair it with expensive shirt and suit. Buy the kind of a tie that you can afford, but you need not settle for an awful material.

7. Cuff Links

Every guy needs a great pair of cuff links in his wardrobe. They’re elegant and help you keep your shirt cuffs in perfect shape. It’s advisable to have a couple of them – sleeve stylish pairs which you can always rotate depending on your outfit and your mood.

8. Pocket Square

Pocket square is one classic and timeless accessory which every man needs to have. It’s one of the few menswear essentials which can have a great impact on the entire look if used correctly. It can be worn dressy to finish off a polished suit look or to add interest to your blazer. Also, pocket square is a great way to accessorize casual pair of denim, or a jacket with no tie. It’s very easy to incorporate into your style whether you are going for a corporate look, a business casual look or a native wear look.

9. Messenger Bags

Stylish messenger bags for men compliment a great looking attire. These are a sign of elegance and can be used to carry quite a number of items.

10. The Jewelry – Bracelets (Nautical Trend, Metal, Beaded and Leather), Tribal & Beaded Necklace & Fashion Rings

tribal-necklace1 tungsten-ringbracelet1

Jewelry is another, simple way of making you stand out from the crowd. Asides your wrist watch, having a nice ring, bracelet or necklace is a transferable accessory that, if you know how to wear it, can go with a number of outfits. This applies at work, home or on your way out on a Friday night. And most imiportantly, it makes you stand out from the crowd.


Please note this list is not exhaustive and only includes the basics that all modern gentlemen must have. Basically, fashion accessories can be loosely categorized into two general areas: those that are carried and those that are worn.

  • Traditional carried accessories include messenger bags and brief cases, umbrellas, wallets, some tech gadgets, tablet computers with their sleeves and mobile phones and covers (yeah they are the new fashion accessory).
  • Accessories that are worn may include jackets, foot wears, cravats, ties, hats and caps, belts and suspenders, jewelry and bracelets, rings, watches, scarves, socks, pocket squares, ties, tie bars and tie pins.

Thanks kobi for sharing the tips. 

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