Top Lehanga Honi collections

Top Lehanga Honi collections from different Boutiques.

Lehanga Honi now a days have become a trendy and all the yougsters are preferring Lehanga honi for Engagement functions and Mariage's. Here are couple of heavy and simple lehanga honi collections from different boutiques.

A Combination of yellow Lehanga honi with golden blouse paired with lite green honi with a cut work golden flower border , A simple lite yellow color with a heavy golden border with a combination of dual color of yellow and lite pink and is paired with pink honi with a short sleeve blouse, another lehgnaga honi paired with peach color with golden flowers and maggam work blouse, Combination of yellow and pink lehanga honi paired with banaras blouse with purple colour, Yellow lehanga honi with a combination of Golden leave work paired with pink blouse and green honi with cut work.Plain yellow lehanga honi paired with simple honi with a flower work,Yellow Lehanga honi paired with Heavy pink border with a maggam work on blouse in yellow paired with pink honi. Yellow lehanga is paired with red honi with a beautiful patch work.

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When a comabination of pink and orange is mixed with gold heavy border the look of the lehanga honi will be really mind blowing .Lehanga honi will always be royal only when their is a contrast colour. Here are couple of lehanga honi designs with a combination of Orange and pink lite elachi green paired with pink blouse with cut work honi paired with sliver work, A heavy borded red and orange lehanga honi paired with sliver flower work with White honi, Orange lehanga having a heavy pink crossed line bordered paired with flower work pink blouse, A beautiful pink lehange with a heavy borded gold and black velvet paired with half sleeves blouse with maggam work, Pink lehanga with a heavy golden border paired withwhite flower work and honi is combination of parrot green and yellow color.A simple pink and orange lehanga honi with a cut work blouse, Heavy orange color lehanga honi with a heavy golden maggam work, a simple orange lehanga honi paired with pink blouse with yellow leaves on the honi, A combination of cream color paired with lite orange with silver and golden thread work .

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Some times lite color give a royal look . Here are couple of lehangas in Lite color . A combination of baby pink paired with white with a golden border on a net cloth work paired with cream honi with a cut work and a heavy sliver border White lehanga honi paired with golden thread , beautiful yellow lehanga with a big golden leaves paired with baby pink honi with a golden thread work with a heavy maggam work blouse design, simple white lehanga honi paired with combination of oranga and pink honi with a heavy pink blouse, Heavy mirror work lehange in peach colour paired with the same combination of heavy golden thread work paired with mirrors, a simple cream and peach color lehanga honi 

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Here are couple of beautiful collections of other lehang honi with a rare colour combination. These are designed by  famous fashin designers bhargavi kunam , Sony reddy, Yakshita, and golden threads.

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Couple of designs which are really mind blowing color combination . One should have these kind of collection in their wardrobe. These are designed by famous fashion designers from hyderabad .

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