3750 kg Narendra Modi 66th special birthday cake!

Happy Birthday Narendra modi! 

Narendra modi who is the PM of India is going to turn 66 years today. Oh my God! Its 3750 Kgs is the weight of the cake for narendra modi's birthday, the cake is 7 feet in height and is of a pyramid shape. The cake, which was made by a set of 30 chefs, seeks to honour both, PM Modi and his Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao campaign.

narendra modi Birthday cake

A bakery in Gujarat has prepared this cake conveying his 66th birthday wishes! Atul bakery is the creator of this superb and delicious cake.We have been hearing from social networks that this cake may break the Guinness World Record. Lets wait to hear about this news in few days.


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