Dmiclick Photography – Sravana Bhargavi & Vedala hemachandra baby Photos!

Do you all know how the couple Sravana bhargavi & vedala hemachandra decided their baby name…. Below picture tell you how they arrived… Have a look! Beautifully captured in photography!

fashionworldhub-sravana bhargavi5

fashionworldhub-sravana bhargavi9

Her naming ceremony function has been performed as per their tradition & religious process. The beautiful photography is captured by Dmiclick photography… Let’s have glimpse of few more photos of their family & their baby

Smiley sravana bhargavi & Vedala hemachandra with their family!

fashionworldhub-sravana bhargavi

Cute couple & Vedala hemachandra with his baby!fashionworldhub-sravana bhargavi2Cute Shikara Chandrika!fashionworldhub-sravana bhargavi3Cute Family picture! fashionworldhub-sravana bhargavi8

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