Good Decision took by Actress Rambha on her Divorce!


One of the cutest & hotest  90's heroine is Actress Ramba. She has acted with all south Hero's.She got married to the business man indran in 2000 and she has two little cute daughter's. Its been heard from social network sites that she is been living separately from quite some time. Today in the chennai family court she has filed a petition that she don't want to separate from her husband and want to reunite with her husband indran to live with him!

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Appreciate rambha for her decision to reunite with her husband she has two little daughter's and staying away with her husband causes damage to her healthy family life. Their will be a fighting or mismatch in thought's of husband and wife and it doesn't mean that taking a divorce is the final decision. Few adjustment's in life make's the life smooth and happy ! Good decision rambha!

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