Surat Businessman Gifts 1,260 Cars & 400 Flats As Diwali Bonus To His Employees


HOT NEWS!!! Fantastic Boss! Even the IT employees will not get these kind of bonus! Kudos to this surat business man! Savji Dholakia is a diamond merchant and Hare Krishna Exports!


Hare Krishna Exports deals in diamonds and textiles and this year, the company has gifted 1,260 cars and 400 flats to its employees as Diwali bonuses.On the Ocassion of golden jubilee celebration he has spent nearly 51 crore on diwali bonuses for 1716 employess.


Annual turnover is 6000 crore and he has 5500 employees in his company and the one whom he picked 1716 employees are the best performers of the company!


Also understand that all his sucess is its his own efforts it is not his forefathers business it is his own effort which made this sucess!We wish hara krishna a great sucess a head! 

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