Know about 7 week jewellery ( yedu Varala nagalu)

Do you all know what all jewellery falls under 7 weeks jewellery (Yedu varala nagalu) ??

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Well we all were heard in our ancient days about this yedu varala nagalu from our grand mom and mom. Their is a story behind that. During the ancient days all the kings and princess use to wear the below listed jewellery as per the week days to get the positive aspects as per the planetary influences and to avoid the bad influences and to be strong , healthy and wealthy wise. Let’s see what all the jewellery we need to wear on an day wise…

diamond haram

Sunday :- The word sunday itself says this day belong to sun god and it relates to spirit and on this day the preferable jewelry is ruby jewellery & ruby ear ringsSunday- rubies

Monday :-  Monday relates to Moon god and it is relates to moon god and moon is in white colour and the preferable jewellery is pearls  long neckalce and bangles.

pearl necklace

Tuesday :- Tuesday is the day for kuja and it relates to power and is most powerful day and for kuja god and the jewellery is coral chains  ( pagadam) & rings!

Pagadala haram

Wednesday :- This is the day belong to budha god and relates to your senses and  and the jewellery is emeralds (Pachalu) pendent set and bangles

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Thursday :- Very important day and it is the day for bruhaspati and it relates to knowledge and on this day  pushyaragama rings and ear ringsImage result for pushyaragam rings meaning

Friday :- On this day jewellery is diamond necklace & nose stud.This day belong to fertility

diamond ear rings and necklace

Saturday :- This day belong to lord shani and jewellery is Neelamani haram.

neelamani haram

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