Watch this Video Why Akhil & Shirya wedding is Cancelled!

A photo Pose made the wedding cancelled! So Sad!

Whole tollywood was waiting for this marriage who is the ladla of Amala & Nagarjuna. It’s been understand from social network channels that the Akhil wedding was on 22nd Feb 2017 and while both the GVK Family & Nagarjuna family was travelling to Rome the social media was trying to take a pic of Akhil , shirya and their family members but shriya was refused to give a pose to the photo and it went up to the big fight between akhil and shriya and made a final decision of cancelling the wedding! ¬†Understand that their was little arguments in the recent wedding of Keshav and veena.. After this incident Akhil left Goa for his new film and Shriya left US.

PLEASE NOTE Source of the above information is from You tube :- Watch this video.

But its a sad news for Akhil & Nagarjuna fans …

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