Beautiful Dori designs for your Perfect blouse!

Dori’s plays a major role to your blouse it depend on what type of dori’s you choose to match your blouse. These day’s the trend on dori’s are increasing day by day and the blouse designers are designing these dori’s as per your saree matching. If your blouse is too deep & Heavy you must definitely prefer opting this dori to your blouses because it gives perfect look to your blouse.  Let’s have glimpse of dori designs which gives an ethnic look to your saree blouse.

dori designs

Look at the beautiful saree matching designer dori’s which will perfectly matches to your heavy designer blouse and especially to get a perfect and sexy look to your back you need to team up with beautiful dori’s .Dori’s will not only look perfect look to the blouse it also help’s us to keep it fit to your body and will not let it go out of your shoulder’s because of heavy designer work on the blouse.

saree tassesl desigs

Stone work dori’s. If your blouse is completely dazzling with full of stones and zardosi then you need to team up your blouse with heavy stone work dori’s so that your blouse and dori’s will shine in the light like any thing . Only thing what you need to choose is the perfect colour combination  doris so that it looks beautiful and sexy look at your back.

saree tassel desigsn

Simple dori’s :- simple dori’s will especially suits on the embroidery work blouse and sheer net blouses . Below are the sample blouses which gives you an idea on what type of blouses you need to choose.

saree dori designs

Large balls and pearl doris will look quite good on the blouses . Team up the colorful balls which matches your saree & blouse so that your blouse go very well and give perfect look to your saree.


Few more dori designs which is full of balls, with frill work doris, mirror work dori’s and folower shaped doris which perfectly matches to your blouse.

saree tassels

If you are sleek and slim you can go a head and try these double dori design blouse pattern’s. These blouse patterns will definitely suits for the night parties .

dori designs 123


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