Kudos to Sneha & Prasanna who helped Farmer’s!!

One of the popular couple in kollywood is Sneha and prasanna . This couple are also good by heart as well . We all know these days the farmer’s are committing suicide because of “N” number of reasons and recently this couple have donated 2 lakhs to 10 struggling farmer’s and this event was organized by actor Vishal’s NGO ‘Friends of farmer’s.

Through the program of “Friends of Farmer’s”  Actor vishal is giving a support to the farmers and he has already supported twenty farmers and want to extended this support from his co actors and his friends and close family friends.Previously Vishal has financially helped 10 farmers and  when Prasanna and Sneha  expressed their desire to contribute the money for the Friends of Farmers Campaign, Vishal gave the list of ten more farmers to whom the lovely couple donated two lakhs on Sunday.

On this occasion Sneha said, “ The food we eat come on our table only because of Farmer’s hard work & Though our help may not resolve their entire needs of the farmer but at least  we are happy that we helped 10 farmer’s and she added that through her co stars and friends she want to help more people. Kuda’s to sneha and prasanna for helping at least 10 farmers.

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