Fancy tie backs makes your blouses more outstanding!

These days trending women prefer an outstanding blouse with a proper fitting. Looking for a perfect back neck shape then you should definitely go for a fancy tie up. A plain blouse with a perfect designer or a fancy tie up with heavy tassels will go very well. Let’s have glimpse of some beautiful patterns of tie up.


tie back fashionworldhub2

The moment you recollect the tie up you recollect triangular piece of cloth at the end . Those days are gone now try using a stone balls , simple big balls, or embroidery work with a colour full thread work to make your blouse more attractive and outstanding. Try out the below pattern’s to get your blouse look elegant.

tie back -2

Heavy tassels blouses

Try set of tie backs or criss cross tie back to the blouses to have a sexy look to your back and it will be perfectly suitable to the one who carry it on a confident way if you are not comfortable with this patterns you may just go with a simple tie back on the upper portion of your back.

criss cross

fashionworldhub-criss cross


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