5 Incredible Lemon Face Masks To Get Flawless And Glowing Skin Naturally

Every women want to have a flawless skin tone and its every girl’s wish list. And your beauty has to come with nature products and not with cosmetics in the market to avoid any side effects .

To enhance your beauty one such natural ingredient that gets flawless and beautiful skin is Lemon . Lemon has Vitamin C and will helps in improving the skin tone and will remove the maximum skin problems.

(1) Lemon Juice :-  Extract fresh lemon juice and apply it over your face and neck with the help of cotton ball and wash off after an hour and follow this process daily for 30 days and you will see an healthy skin tone and glow in your face.

lemon facepack

(2) Lemon, Turmeric & milk :- One of the healthy & Glowing skin tip is mix the lemon juice , milk and turmeric and apply it on the face and neck and let it dry for any hour and wash off with warm water. Please note that you need to do this only during night. Any thing related to haldi you need it apply only during night and your skin should not expose to sunlight.


(3) Lemon, tomato and turmeric  :- For a beautiful skin complexion use this face pack for beautiful and flawless glow in the skin. Take three teaspoons of lemon juice , one teaspoon of tomato juice and pinch of turmeric and apply this paste on face and neck and leave it for an hour and wash off with warm water. Follow this process twice in a week you will see  flawless glow in your skin.


(4) Lemon & coconut water :-  Combination of Lemon and coconut water acts as a best cleanser . Squeeze out the fresh lemon juice and mix with few drops of coconut water and it makes an excellent clarifying moisturizer and it hydrate and clear and brightens the skin like any thing  and you will get flawless and healthy skin with this amazing combination. To get a radiant and hydrated skin use this tip.

coconut water

(5) Lemon and sandalwood :- This is one of the easy process to keep your skin cool and healthy. Squeeze out half a lemon and mix it with four teaspoons of sandalwood powder and add little water in case the paste is not so smooth and apply it on face until it get dry and wash it off with cold water . This face pack will brighten your skin and will make your skin softer.

 sandle wood


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