Maggam work blouse designs for Wedding sarees-70 Designs

Maggam work is detail art of thread work, zardosi, heavy stone work,chamki,thread, mirrors work. Depends on your saree colour zardosi and colour stones works are done by the designers or khargari’s . Depends on your saree colour combination you can choose the work on the blouse.

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Wow what a rich look embellished blouse design with a deer design on the sheer net with beautiful kundan work on the over all neck line and on sleeves with good embroidery work with the contrast colour combinations on the blouse. A perfect bridal blouse. Below beautiful blouse from Swaadh designer studio

sheernet blouse designs

Sonali Bendre high neck blouse that has sheer back embroidered with Lord Balaji. These day’s lord and goddess blouse patterns are trending in the current year .

Rich Look & heavy zardosi work blouses :-  Look at the below beautiful and colourful kundans with a combination of zardosi work and gold beads work with contrast sleeve . A perfect and unique bridal blouse design. A perfect bridal  maggam work blouse from Maliboo boutique.

rich work blouse 1

Jewel blouse designs are in high trend now and in the current year jewel design blouses are going good on kanjeevaram sarees. In the current trend guttapusala haram jewellery is going in high demand and the same demand is going on blouses as well. Look at the below beautiful guttapsala design blouse a beautiful deep neck blouse is paired with heavy guttapusala jewel on the neck lane and at the sleeves. An outstanding and a perfect blouse for an upcoming bride and it is a perfect blouse for any kanjeevaram silk or pattu saree.

When you think of bridal blouse the first thing that came to our mind is heavy work blouse. These kind of heavy maggam work blouse will definitely go good on any kind of saree. Look at the beautiful black blouse with a combination of zardosi, beads and chamki. A perfect bridal blouse from Maliboo boutique.

rich work blouse 2

WOW loved the colour combation of kundans and pearl droplet work on the beautiful maggam work blouse  with  a perfect matching tassels . Loved the neck work with beautiful big kundans.

rich work blouse 3

Kundan and Zardosi work blouse designs :-  The moment you think of any occassion or a wedding or for any party the best combination of pattu or uppada or kanjeevaram saree that strikes is Pink and yellow and when the blouse is teamed with kundan work the combination will be quite ethnic. When you are confused in choosing the design of maggam work on any blouse  the final design that perfectly match to your kanjeevaram or any uppada saree is kundan work blouse design. Look at the beautiful kundan blouse with contrast big kundans with beautiful zardosi work. Loved the below combination.


Look at the below beautiful blouse with full of kundans on the border of the neck and on the sleeves. If you closely observe it is not just kundans are stick to the blouse their is a zardosi work around each kundan as well and that makes your blouse more outstanding and ethnic.

kundan work blouse designs

Zardosi work on Net (or) Net work blouse designs :- One of the top trending is maggam work designs on the sheer net. These type of work on the blouse is little expensive .  Look at the below beautiful bird work on the net of the blouse. A perfect colour combination with a decent work.

net blouse designs

These sheer net blouse design is little unique than other net blouse pattern . Look at the below beautiful maggam work blouse design on the sheer net. If we observe the complete zardosi work and beads work is only on the edges & sleeve of the blouse and rest all patches are are full of guttapusalu with pearl droplets . When you want to have a unique look you go with the below combination blouse. sheer net blouses with guttapusala haram

Loved the below bride blouse. look at the beautiful sheer net sleeve blouse with a patch work of animal and with a decent kundan work around the sleeves & neck border. Loved the pattern blouse.

net blouse 1

A perfect see through blouse. Look at the beautiful sheer net blouse design with full of zardosi , kundan and stone work and the patch work in the center of the blouse.  A perfect blouse for the night party wear.

net blouse designs4

net blouse patterns3

Cut work blouse designs with full zardosi work & beads work  :- When a special occasion arises Got bored with the old patterns  and in a confusion what kind of design you want to go and now please do not think anything beyond cutwork blouses. Specially when you are going with the kanjeevaram saree or uppada pattu saree or any pattu saree  and want to go in little high trend and special on your big day or for any special event then go with the below trend designs.

cut work blouses

These cut work blouse design pattern blouse will go good on any pattern saree.  To get a better idea have a glance of below pictures.

cut work 5

Elbow length maggam work & short sleeves maggam work designs :- Depends on the design you may need to choose the sleeves. Have a glance of the below maggam work blouse designs for elbow length sleeves and short sleeves. Based on your saree colour combination you need to choose the design on your blouse. Some times a simple design go good and it all depends on the design what you choose. Have a glimpse of below designs which are vonki design, peacock design on short sleeves, floral zardosi design and kundan work design.

blouse pattern

short sleeve blouse designs

pattern blouse designs-4

Vanki design Maggam work blouse pattern :-  Vanki design is one of the simple design and go good especially for wedding.  These blouse design is in such a way that for your wedding you may need not go for vanki ornament that perfect design it self shows a perfect ornament on your bridal saree.

kundan work blouse designs

Vanki maggam work blouse design with a combination of contrast colour kundans and zardosi work. A perfect bridal blouse.

Vanki blouse designs

Floral zardosi work blouse designs :-  As per the current trend report Floral zardosi work blouses are quite fashion and these blouses are suitable specially on heavy kanjeevaram sarees .  Especially when you are choosing these kind of floral zardosi work you need to be careful while choosing the gold zardosi & dazzling stones as it has different quality. A pure gold zardosi will go well when you are choosing the floral work designs. Team up the floral zardosi work blouse with combination of golden colour beads to get a beautiful look.

floral zardosi work design

Maximum we choose the maggam work design on a plain cloth but look at the below cloth it is full of floral work blouse and it is teamed with the floral and leave zardosi work with a beautiful white stones. When you have heavy kanjeevaram saree it is better to go with elbow length blouse.

elbow length sleeve maggam work blouses

When you are going with a kanjeevaram saree then you should definitely go with elbow length maggam work blouse designs & some times even short sleeves. When you choose this elbow length pattern you will have numerous designs to choose. Let’s have some glimpse of some beautiful elbow length  & short sleeve maggam work blouse patterns.

Maggam work blouses -2

maggam blouses-4

Bird  & Animal Embroidery work blouse designs :-

cut work blouse patterns

bird blouses

kundans 4

Its all about the BIRDS in BRIDALS this season! Shoulder embroidery designs. 06 April 2017

Contrast colour maggam work blouse designs on heavy kanjeevaram sarees :-  Look at the beautiful heavy purple kanjeevaram saree which is teamed with elbow length maggam work blouse. If we observe this pattern blouse the maggam work is only done on the above border and rest of the sleeves are only with the beautiful border. These patterns are in very high demand now.

elbow length 2

Beautiful embroidery work blouse with tri colour combination pattern blouse .

elbow 3

These days our trending brides are looking for animal motif or bird motif blouse designs and these blouse designs are really outstanding and gives a decent look on any kanjeevaram sarees. Here are the designs of elephant motif blouse designs.

Loved the beads work design around the neck with broad border and it is teamed with embroidery work on the blouse.  A perfect bridal blouse .

elbow length blouse

blouse designs

Loved these 66 designs.  Above article have covered all most all the maggam work blouse designs with kundan designs, heavy work designs , dazzling designs, heavy bridal work blouse designs . Choose the right design to look like princess on your big day!!

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