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Ayush kejriwal (AK)  is one of the leading Indian designer based out in London.  His Indian traditional designs are unique and people love it and he makes very minimal designs and love experimenting in designs and his recent Taj mahal designs sarees and blouses have become quite popular. His cloths are simply amazing and every one will fall love in his designs.

taj mahal sarees-2

designer saree collections

Ayush kejriwal (AK) designs are vibrant and a perfect Indian traditional saree with a unique model blouse . These are perfect for wedding & for any other occasion. He makes the designer pieces with a mix and match and every one loves his unique model sarees & blouses. Look at the below picture of beautiful girls in ikkat sarees.  . An ikkat saree is teamed with the floral plain blouse and it is one of the unique pattern. A lovely creative idea from Ayush kejriwal…

ikkat with floral

His  vintage Banarasi sarees  and the statement blouses collections are simply gorgeous and one will fall in love with his designs and they are perfect wedding attire for a bride and of course guest attending the wedding.

banaras sarees

Ayush kejriwal brings mesmerizing saree collections and the most famous saree collections out of all fabrics is PATOLA Sarees . Patan Patola fabric that never fades .For centuries, Patola has been considered an auspicious heirloom. It continues to be so today as well. What was once worn by the royalty is now worn by the affluent. It’s become a symbol of opulence as much as posterity and good luck.



patola sarees

Loved all Kalamakari sarees! Have a glance.



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