Must have eye catching kanjeevaram saree in women wardrobe

In every women wardrobe definitely one eye catching kanjeevaram saree should have, and its immaterial what is the price range . In our market according to the budget of the customers with a combination of silk or pure pattu kanjeevaram sarees are readily available . Following are gorgeous colour combination sarees  and should have at least one of these combination in your wardrobe.

(1) Green & pink  :-

One of the most eye catching colour combination is green and pink. We see this combination from olden days but we should also remember that these days the old combination are becoming popular same as mirror work blouses . These combination sarees will suit to any complexion skin tone and it will definitely looks good on fairy complexion. Team up your saree blouse with a combination of Pink and green or vice versa depends on your saree and border and if you are choosing this combination for some wedding then you should definitely go with a maggam work blouse .

2 Blue and Pink

One of the primary eye catching colour combination is blue and pink . These colour combination will work on all the shades .Be it be a mithai pink combination with blue or with baby pink but this colour combination with a mix of gold zari or butta or check boxes will give a decent and ethinic look . These combos are outstanding and awesome and either of the dominating colour will look good.

3 Orange And Purple :- 

Who don’t love purple colour? Royalty of purple  when it is teamed with orange colour gives an outstanding look to the complete kanjeevaran saree. If you want to look unique and posh  in any of the wedding or to the bride this combination saree will definitely rock .  Even though these two colours are too bright but it combines it looks quite decent and ethnic.

Black and Red

One of the eye catching kanjeevaram saree is Black and Red combination.  Black and Red both are dark colours and when it is teamed with gold zari then the outcome of the saree is really outstanding . Though black is not preferable but this tri combo (gold,black and red ) is one of the eye catching kanjeevaram saree.

5. Yellow And Green

In olden days if you see in every women wardrobe definitely a combination of yellow and green would be their and this is one of the traditional colour combination and this look good for any function .

( 6 )Multi colour kanjeevaram saree :- When you are confused it is better you to go with a multi colour kanjeevaram saree . All over multi colour saree with checkered pattern or overall multi colour with gold combination will also do good you may just need to ensure to team up with a beautiful designer or a maggam work blouse. Look at the beautiful Rekha who is a brand ambassdor for Kanjeevaram saree in traditional multi colour kanjeevaram saree .

Try this pattern eye catching kanjeevaram sarees and let us know….

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