Trending Nose rings for south Indian bride

These days our modern brides are going with a trend . In olden days all the brides use to wear a traditional nose ring and now currently our modern brides too are choosing the designer nose rings ! choosing a nose ring is actually a tedious process, though it may seem simple but it should suit to  your face cut and must be proportionate to your nose. We’ve come up with basic classifications of nose rings to help you pick one.

 Diamond nose ring :- 

On your big day a bride definitely want to  look like  princess and a traditional nose ring will give a finishing touch to your face and a simple statement diamond nose ring will make the bride more outstanding. Look at the below beautiful bride in diamond nose ring with traditional jeweler

Traditional Beaded Nose pin :-

A traditional beaded nose ring or a pearl drop nose rings will go good on your big day and these nose ring will give a beautiful look and will suit to any of the face cut.

Simple Gold  Bridal Nose pin :-

If you don’t  want to experiment  then it is better to go with simple nose ring like the below bride.

Apart from the above nose pins smaller loop, bigger loop with beaded chains ,Septum Nosepin will also go look good.

Smaller Loop and Beaded Chain Extension

Septum Nosepin

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