10 Interesting Pattu Saree Colour Combinations

When you think of pattu sarees the first thing strike to mind is having a bright colour combination and these sarees we will be using on grand occasion as well as for festivals. It is trend in every family for big festivals at least one heavy and costly pattu saree is taken . If you are keep googling and trying to browse in internet what good colour combination pattu sarees are good then here is one article about best pattu saree color combinations that help you to choose.

(1)  Parrot Green and Pink :-

When you think of pattu saree the first colour combination that strikes is parrot green and pink combination . Since olden days these colour combination is rocking and that trend is still continuing. If you don’t have this combination in your wardrobe then you must definitely buy this.

(2) Yellow and pink :-

Yellow and pink combination actually in south indian meant for wedding  , apart from the off white saree. This colour combination is so eye catching that it attracts every one. This colour combination specially rocks in kanjeevaram and ikkat.  Whether it is a small or big border this combination always rock. 

(3) Blue and pink :- The royalty of blue when it is mixes with pink the combination will defiantly outstanding.  If you want to spot in any occasion or wedding then this is one of the perfect combination.

(4) Purple and orange :-

Even though these two colours are too bright but it combines it looks quite decent and ethnic. If you want to look unique then blindly go with this colour combination.

(5) White and Black :-

Black and white combination is one of the rocking option and if you dont see any sentiments in wearing this colour combination then you this option can be part of your wardrobe.

(6) Green & Red :-

A dark leafy green with a combination of red border is an eye catching combination and this will rock on any complexion  and for fair complexion people this is one of the outstanding saree.

7) Purple and pink :- 

 Even though these two colour are dark but these two combination will always rock and go good for fairy skin tone.

8) Blood Red and green :-

Nothing can beat the colour blood Red and irrespective of the skin tone this saree will go good and when it pair up with the green border nothing can beat this combination. If you are a bride or a wedding attendee then you can go blindly with this combination and a perfect outfit for the festivals.

(9) Blue and silver & Gold zari  :-   

As per the trend report animal or bird motif sarees are in high trend and even though as it does not have any border , the animal and bird motif design with gold zari made the hit of the saree  and must have this pattern saree in women’s wardrobe.

(10) Off white & Marron :-

This combination saree always rock and this combination is going since the olden days. If you dont have this combination in your wardrobe then you should buy this for the upcoming festive season.


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