Glam up your sarees with Knot blouses.

Tried all the necks like V, U shape, Square, Rectangle and cut out blouse patterns and thinking what pattern blouse will make your saree interesting ?  Make your saree blouse interesting with a twist of knot blouse pattern. Glam up your saree  with knot blouse . When you are going with knot blouse pattern and the blouse back neck should be deep .

Add these bow and knots to your plain blouse at the end of the back neck of the blouse. These bows and knots make your blouse interesting and these are not just restricted to your normal sarees these knot blouses even rocks on Pattu sarees as well. In fact these pattern blouses must have in women wardrobe for a trendy women.

If you are going with knot blouses deep neck patterns make justice to your blouses .If you don’t prefer deep neck pattern no worries just go with V neck and the end of the V shape just add bows at the end of the blouse or irrespective of the neck pattern just add the bows at the end of the blouse.

Now the final question is how to add these Knots or bows to the blouse. Once your regular blouse  is ready either it’s a V neck or U neck or round neck you can simply add a stitched knot or bow in the center of the back neck. Below blouse pattern will give you an idea how to proceed further.

Knot blouses are that suits only at the end of the blouse and its been understand from different and famous fashion designers that you can make your blouse more fun with the knot pattern. This bow blouses will help you to avoid your skin show especially when you are with elder family members get together. Following blouses will give some idea how to glam up your saree blouses with knot blouses.  If you like a criss cross blouse pattern and you can make your blouse interesting by adding a bow at the end of the blouse..

So try the bow neck or tie back blouse pattern and let us know.

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