Here is the Scientific Reason for Wearing a silver Anklets!!!

It is the dream of every women to have lot of Gold and silver jewellery. Understand from different sources that their is a scientific reason for wearing the jewellery.  As per the tradition  understand that that gold ornaments should be worn on the upper part of the body and silver ornaments should be adorned at the lower part of the body and these days  lot of Websites & other traditional blog trying to educate  people about our current tradition.

We keep hearing from our grand mothers one should wear bindee, anklets, bangles and so on. For each and every thing we see the scientific reason.  Here we are presenting few important points why we need to wear the silver anklets and the scientific reason behind this.

It is the anklets which gives a beautiful look for the women’s  feet. Silver is the first choice when it comes to wearing the anklets.  Silver Anklets is one of the traditional jewelry that is coming from ancient times.

Their is a scientific reason for wearing a silver anklets .Wearing anklets helps one to re-vibrate the energy to their own body.  Here are few reasons why we need to wear silver anklet jewellery.

  • Wearing Silver anklets will relieve the pain and weakness in the legs. So this is the reason we see lot of grand mom’s are still strong who followed the indian tradition.

  •  Wearing silver anklets helps in regulating the blood circulation in the body and understand from different sources that wearing silver anklets will  relieves from painful cracked heels & swollen heels.

  • Wearing Silver anklets will helps in maintaining the health of the reproductive system of women & Will help in Gynec problems as well.  The one who ever are reading this article now keep thinking that the next shopping item is silver anklets.

  • Why specifically we go for Silver anklets ? Here is the specific reason. Silver is actually  known as anti-bacterial properties and are immunity booster.

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