How to wash Silk or Pattu sarees at home ?

Pattu or Silk sarees are quite expensive . As they are quite delicate need to maintain well . These pattu sarees cannot wash like normal clothes. When it comes to washing of pattu or kanjeevaram silk or kanchi pattu sarees  the first thought is giving it for dry cleaning and its a best advice. Here we are going to give some tips how to wash your pattu or silk sarees at home.

Points to keep in mind of do’s and don’ts in the below points :-

DO’s :- 

  • Never and ever use a harsh chemicals that spoil the colour of your saree. While washing the Pattu or silk sarees use a cold water and add some mild detergent and do hand wash gently and ensure once you hand wash immediately wash your pattu saree in cold water and do not make it dry in sunlight. Alternatively you can use the shampoo’s to wash your pattu or silk sarees.
  •  One of the best natural remedy to clean your pattu saree or silk saree is kukudukai or reetha.  Take some 15 to 20 kukundukai soak it in water over a night and squeeze out the pulp and seeds and ensure you filter the water and add some cold water and soak the silk saree in that kukundkai soap water and then rinse it hand. If you still feel that kunkudkai water is not sufficient to wash you can add some mild shampoo  to  wash your pattu saree.

  • The major problem that we see with pattu saree is the sweat stains and the best remedy is to use a Soft paper towel at the stains we see and then wash it with normal water with mild shampoo.

  • Worried how to remove the coffee and tea stain on silk or pattu sarees . Here is the best remedy.  Take a half cup of white vinegar and mix the same ratio of water and clean the stains with soft cloth.

  •  For food item stains, you can use talcum powder on the stain and dip the sponge in liquid detergent and rub over the stain and wash it.

Don’ts :-

  1. Never and ever wash the pattu sarees in washing machine and the best way is hand wash as they are quite sensitive and will end up with colour fading.
  2.  For the stain removal or for washing pattu sarees don’t ever use the brush for washing these pattu or silk sarees. If you use brush you will end up with colour fading or damage of the fabric. Always wash the saree in gentle mode and after washing is done ensure the complete soap has is gone from the clothes .
  3. If your pattu saree is so delicate it is better to go for professional dry cleaning rather than washing at home.
  4. Ever use BLEACH  for washing your pattu or silk sarees and it will surely going to damage your favorite pattu or silk saree and will fade the entire colour of the saree.

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