Brocade blouses adding ethnicity and Freshness to you Bygone sarees!

Irrespective of the type of the saree fabric,  it is the drape of the saree which completely changes the look of the traditional outfit. For a saree it is the blouse which plays a prominent role and these blouses will completely change the look of any one personality and transforms into an ethnic look. If we observe all the trending women draping the simple sarees and pairing up beautiful designer blouses or a simple blouse with a classic twist. Even though we have many blouse designs in this trending fashion era with a different patterns undoubtedly they cannot beat the “Brocade blouse” due to various reasons.

If we observe in 2016 fashion hacks , the trended fashion was plain sarees with brocade blouse and the trend is still continuing.   These brocade blouses are the major hit since years and trending even now. A simple patch of brocade fabric will completely change the look of the blouse.  Check out the major reasons why Brocade blouses have become the major hit in 2018.

1. Soft and Comfort :- 

The royalty of this brocade fabric is, it is quite smooth and comfort and this fabric literally make justice on your sarees. May the zari of the fabric is gold or the same colour the shining of this fabric looks rich without any embellishments on the blouse . Depends on your saree type and colour you may need to choose the colour and pattern of the blouse. A contrast brocade blouse with perfect cut out on the back will complete the look of the blouse.

2. Adoptable :-

The beauty of this fabric is it suits every one irrespective of the age group. These brocade blouses can match to the multiple sarees and the best part is that it suits every one. If you dont have this blouse in your wardrobe you may need to add in your next shopping list. These brocade blouse even do justice on the pattu sarees as well.  Fashion designer Ayush kejriwal have shown how better you can revamp your simple sarees with these brocade blouses.

3. Jewellery :- 

If you have choose the high neck brocade blouse a simple long chain will do good . The richness of this brocade blouse is that even with no jewellery with statement ear rings do good. Multi layered beads haram or statement necklace will do good on the brocade blouses. Below models are the classic example how to accessorize the jewellery on the brocade blouses.

4. Vibrant Colors :- 

Brocade fabric comes in various colours ranging from dark to lite and can team with different sarees . We advice you all to go with the contrast blouse so that the combination will look good. Even the patch of the brocade fabric with simple blouse do good. The best part is this fabric , it is reasonable and  are readily available in the local market.

5. Brocade blouses are ever green :- 

These brocade blouses never went out of fashion and are ever green since then. In the recent trend its been observed that this brocade blouses are now pairing up with the pattu sarees as well. Ayush kajeriwal is the classic example how to rock on kanjeevaram and banarasi silk sarees. These blouses literally goes good on small occasions as well.

Celebrities in Plain sarees with brocade blouse :- Our celebrities are the classic example how to rock with brocade blouse. Its been observed by many of the celebrities for the events they have opted the option of brocade blouses by paring up with the plain sarees. Brocade blouses are the ultimate hit specially on the plain sarees. Specially Rashmi gowthan, priyanka chopra , anupama parameswaran & may other celebrities who rocked in Plain saree with brocade blouse.

As this brocade fabric has a rich texture a patch of the brocade to simple blouse will transform into a beautiful blouse. Let the body of the blouse be plain with a contrast sleeves or a patch of brocade fabric on the back of the blouse will change the complete look of the blouse. If you don’t have this in your wardrobe you may need add them now.

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