Celebrities Trend – Plain Saree- Simple yet trend Setting attire!

A saree is an outfit, which always suits women perfectly irrespective of their age, height and looks. It is a symbol of Indian tradition and when it comes to fashion and style we take a lot of inspiration from our Bollywood divas. The most favorite among st them is a plain saree accompanied with beautiful blouse and accessories. The beauty of the plain is it suits every one irrespective of the age and body type.  The present trend on the plain saree is increasing day by day and these plain sarees have not only popular in chiffon, gorgette and  60 grams saree these plain sarees even popular in Pattu sarees as well.

These plain sarees are actually fashion in 80’s and now presently they are back. Looks like all the old trends are coming back. These plain sarees are rocking in the current trend. Be the saree be a multi shaded or a simple singe plain saree just team up the proper designer blouse your complete look will change. If we observe the below model in plain blue saree which is teamed with the same colour blouse. Depends on the saree fabric and colour you may need to choose the proper blouse.

The classic look of these plain saree has been around forever. It is one of those trends that just do not fade with time. We have been watching celebrities like Nargis in 60’s to the Sonam Kapoor of the current era flaunting their plain sarees. There are many ways to style these sarees some tips are given below:

Plain sarees look elegant even if it is draped simply but if they are draped with a different pattern of blouse they enhance the looks further. Plain sarees can be worn with printed blouses, embroidery ones, brocade blouses and even if you wear them with plain blouses with a descent boat neck design they look extremely royal and trendy. The best part out these sarees is we can accessorize it with silver, gold or even diamond jewelry. We have often seen Vidya Balan wearing a plain Saree with a contrast blouse in almost all functions giving her an iconic look. Literally our celebrities are the classic example how to rock on the plain sarees. Depend on saree fabric one must choose the proper accessories on the saree.

Stylish designer blouses do the justice to this plain sarees. Be it a simple brocade contrast blouse or a mirror work blouse it is the blouse which is going to change the complete look of the plain saree. Look at the below classic blouse designs of the model who are wearing  Jacket style blouse, fringed style blouse , peplum style blouses , These blouses really changed the complete look of the saree even though the saree are in dull shades.

Plain sarees come in almost many types of fabrics like silk, chiffon, georgette, linen etc. they all look very elegant when worn and carried properly. The most common out of all these materials is chiffon saree because of its lightweight and ease of wearing the same. You must have watched many celebs wearing plain chiffon’s with falling pallu and singing songs in gardens. They look glamorous because of the sheen property of the saree. These plain sarees even do justice on the shaded dual colours as well. A simple plain saree with  contrast sleeve blouse will also give a good look.

Our celebrities always follow the trending pattern . How to style and accessorize on plain sarees one must learn from celebrities.  . Specially on the plain sarees we may need not go with a heavy jewellery. Even the simple oxidized ear rings will complete the entire look of the traditional outfit. So when you are confused what to wear for a party the quick way to get ready is Plain saree. A plain saree with a designer blouse pairing up with some oxidized jewellery will surely complete your look.

Not only we find these sarees in single color, but we can see them in many shades may be a shade of two or more colors in one saree. You can find a saree with contrast pallu or border. You can also get these sarees in zari pallu and border. These sarees are the favorite among all women be it celebrities to homemakers.

Some colors like red and black make a bold statement and they look extremely trendy if carried with a lot of poise. So what are you all waiting for? Just flaunt yourself with a plain saree, and accessorized it to click a nice picture and post it on your social media for the world to admire your style.

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