Latest Maggam work blouse designs for Pattu sarees

In the current trend what is that it is dominating on the pattu sarees ? Yes your guesses  is right,  it is the Super gorgeous maggam work blouses which is changing the complete attire into the royal look and these designs are not just restricted to the pattu sarees and these maggam work design is now moving on the anarkali suits, lehengas and even on the crop tops as well!

These maggam work blouse should and must be part of women’s wardrobe.  The details intricate of the blouse designs  are designed by the Kharigari workers according to the saree colour and design. The zardosi material , rasham and threads are completely varies according to the cost of the material. These Aari work blouses are currently dominating in the present fashion world. If we observe these fashion even now moved on jacket pattern blouse which also suits on the kanjeevaram sarees as well!

These maggam work blouse designs are increasing the beauty of the pattu sarees. Let your pattu or silk saree be plain it is the maggam work blouse which completely going to do the justice of your saree.  Let’s have glimpse of some latest Maggam work blouse designs for pattu sarees.

Animal & bird design work :- These design work literally look outstanding on pattu saree. If you are pattu saree have a animal or bird motif then blindly go with these pattern design. If you are saree is plain then no issues you can still go with these animal and bird design pattern with elbow length sleeves.

Full Sleeve maggam work blouse designs :-  Full sleeve maggam work blouses rocks even on pattu sarees as well. While you are going with the full sleeves maggam work blouses just ensure you have a comfort on the sleeves of the blouse. Let the body of the blouse be pattu and the sleeves with contrast colour or embroidery work with sheer sleeves and even you can go with the complete pattu maggam work blouse with full sleeves .

Jewel design Maggam work blouse designs :-  Jewel design maggam work blouse are presently rocking on any pattu sarees. Jumkha design, kasu design, chandbali design blouses will perfectly blend on the kanjeevaram and any other pattu sarees. These jewel design maggam work blouses will give a royal look on the sarees .

Kundan work maggam blouse designs :-  When you are going with kunan work blouse designs just ensure that a zardosi finishing work is done around the kundan . The finishing touch of the zarodosi around the kundan is ultimately a dam hit on the blouse. These kundan work blouses are presently trending very high. When you are choosing the kundan work pattern just ensure your saree blouse is in contrast colour.

Floral design Maggam work blouse design :- These floral work maggam work blouse designs are trending since days and this is still continuing in the present fashion world. When you have doubt which design to choose on your pattu saree or on silk sare then go blindly with the floral maggam work blouse .

Heavy and all Over work blouses :- When nothing strikes on your pattu sarees then go blind with all over work or heavy embroidery work blouse . These blouses will do the justice to your pattu sarees  irrespective of the colour of your saree. We see the maximum blouses that comes in pattu saree are with contrast blouse go with heavy stone work or with gold zardosi work with contrast stone work on the blouse. We bet this heavy work blouses will completely transforms into a royal look .

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