Must have these Ear rings in your Wardrobe!

Even though we have many options on the ear rings we keep exploring the new designs in the online shopping like flipkart, amazon , myntra and so on . Every day we may not go with Gold ear rings and some times we may need to keep google the latest designs that perfectly matches to your regular ouffits. Here are some statement ear rings that should be part of your checklist while you go out .

Afghani Earrings :- 

These ear rings looks absolutely stunning and are presently rocking in the current fashion trend. These ear rings suits on all kind of chudiars and according to your dress colour you may need to team up. (BUY HERE)

Stone  Earrings : –

These ear rings dazzle on our ears and these do justice to our outfits. If you are the lover of these stone ear rings . Studded based or hanging stone ear rings will change the complete look  of your attire and presently these are available in online shopping.

Jhumkas :- 

The most adorable ear ring pattern are jumkhas , These jumkha ear rings are suitable on chudidars and sarees as well.  Gold or silver these pattern ear rings do justice on your traditional outfits. Depends on your traditional outfit you may need to choose whether gold or sliver do justice on you. If you dont have in your wardrobe you may need to add now.

Black Metal And Oxidized Earrings :- 

These ear rings are trending since long time and these type of ear rings will go good on western and traditional outfit. When you want to look unique and stylish try black metal and oxidized ear rings. A stylish heavy silver ear rings with silver ball droplets are current trending earrings and these ear rings are perfect even on traditional outfits and our celebrity Vidya balan is the classic example how to rock..(BUY HERE)

Bahubali ear rings & Chandbali earings :-

Post bahubali film multi layered ear rings with chains have become fashion and their are lot designs in one gram gold has been released in the market and was available in many online websites as well and the same craze went for chandbali ear rings as well.

If you don’t have these ear rings in your wardrobe do buy it.

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