The draping styles to pep up your traditional saree

A saree is an attire, which gives a woman a true reflection of her beauty and elegance. It is one of the most preferable outfits, which can be worn both as a formal and a traditional wear. However, always draping this Six -yard saree in a traditional way makes it boring.

Many of you are aware of saree styles like Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, South Indian and a classic style, but you do not know that saree draping styles have climbed the ladder of modern elegance. The revolution in a saree draping style is modernized in such a way that nobody prefers to wear a saree in a simple and traditional way. Thanks to our Bollywood celebrities and Indian designers to bring a drastic change in draping style of a saree.  These styles are a boon given to us by personalities ranging from Mumtaz till Sonan Kapoor .

Wearing a saree in the most stylish ways not only enhances the look of the saree but also the beauty of the woman. A lot of efforts are put to invent new styles to create a whole new story in draping a saree. Our designers have bought us many glamorous combinations to drape a saree in a stylish way like saree jackets, long kurta on sarees, crop tops, palazzo and even straight pants on saree. Below are some unique styles, which will help you to drape a normal saree in stylish ways to make you stand out amongst the crowd.

Retro style of draping a saree

This style of draping a saree became popular after the Bollywood diva Mumtaz was seen flaunting the same on screen. In this style, the saree was draped tightly with a pallu pleated and pinned on the shoulders. This style has come back again in 2018. Young girls who would like to appear slim and smart can choose this pattern of wearing a saree.

Dhoti style saree 
this pattern of saree draping is again an invention of our diva Sonam Kapoor. Mostly we see our celebs wearing a saree over pants in a dhoti style on ramps.

Belt on sarees :- Trend on this belt sarees is increasing day by day and our celebrities are the classic example how to rock the saree with belt. All you need on this style is a chic belt on your waist and trust me it really adds a modern look to your average saree.

Scarf style 

Instead of draping a saree pallu in a regular way just drape it around your neck like a scarf. This style gives your personality a stylish and contemporary look.

Gujarati or the Seedha pallu style
This is a traditional style of draping a saree it brings out an elegant look when worn with a heavy Kanjivaram or Banarasi sarees.

Stitched saree 
This pattern and style is common among young girls who are not used of wearing a long nine-yard saree. You can just buckle your Saree and get ready quickly.

So friend what are you all waiting for, try all the patterns and styles of draping a saree and give yourself a new look every time.

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