Chiffon sarees at its best when worn like the Fashion Queen: KANGANA

Chiffon sarees, which are said to be extremely simple, can look just so glamorous when carried like the Fashion Queen Kananga Ranaut. The celebrity Ms. Ranaut is well known for her dressing sense and acting but this time she was looking extremely traditional in a few events when she wore the 9 yard chiffon attire in a completely stunning manner. It is rightly said, you can never go wrong when it’s a saree draped with poise and sheer elegance.

Every woman is embedded with natural beauty, which cannot be defined better when draped in the Indian wear. She wore a pink printed saree with a quirky pearl and bee neckpiece to compliment the attire. A simple sleeveless blouse with a pink color makeup added to her beauty. Her flawless beauty was adored by her picture-perfect blow-dried hair and innocence.

Saree is one of the most likely attire to be experimented with different drapes and blouses. Kananga proved the elegance if the attire when she made no mistakes in chose the right blue printed chiffon saree with the traditional pearl neckpiece. Kudos to the new fashion diva who is a role model for still believing in the traditional looks when people are inclining towards the western outfits.

If we notice her attire on the award night, she wore the right neckpiece, which was looking fantabulous with the deep low-neck blouse. The blue and black combination of the saree enhanced her fair skin tone further. Along with choosing to go bare ears, she made sure that her way of carrying her flowing pallu and neckpiece would make her look complete.

Let us have a look at the way she carries her saree with the different blouses to make her look flawless and extremely beautiful.

Sleeveless blouse: Kangana usually teams up her saree with a sleeveless blouse and makes sure that the translucence trait of the chiffon saree is used in the best possible manner to create a beauty appeal.

Back buttons: The floral pink saree was complimented with the low back blouse enhanced with two big buttons to give a different look to her blouse.

Accessorize: a perfect accessory is what would complete your looks when you decide to wear a saree like her. She makes sure to define each ornament by carrying it in the right proportion. Many a times, she just wears a neckpiece with no earrings or bracelets to multiply the beauty of the masterpiece manifold times.

Hair-do: try experimenting with a hair bun, simple blow dry of well-set hair depending on the saree and the look you desire.

There is no one best look for all, but there is one perfect look for everybody. Do experiment and get the picture perfect looks by grabbing these tips and tricks when you are getting ready for the next party.

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