Convert your simple blouse to a designer one by adding a keyhole cut to it!

A saree is brilliant attire when it comes to traditional wears. But what makes it look even more graceful is the charm added with a beautiful blouse. Gone are those days when only work and embellishments were the last resort to make a blouse look splendid, not the concentration of the designers are more on the designers play with different cuts to make it look stunning. One of such designs is the keyhole cut, which adds glamour without really revealing your skin much. These blouse make the justice to your sarees. These days a small key hole on the front neck or on the back of the neck will completely change the attire of the blouse.  These key hole pattern is not just restricted to blouses this pattern even rocks on the salwars and anarkali suits as well!

Keyhole design at the back

Play with different cuts and add on different tassels and hangings as you experiment with the keyhole cut at the back of your blouse. This design adds a lot of allure to the blouse, as the back of the blouse is the most visible part of a saree. Go ahead and play with innumerable ways to make this creative cut discover a new look to your saree.  A small key hole on the back of the blouse will completely change the look of the blouse. Be your blouse fabric is cotton or silk ,a perfect key hole on the back will change your traditional blouse to a modern look.  You can even add a tassel or button or a simple hook at the back of the blouse to give a perfect look.  

Keyhole design on the sides

A small design or one simple trendy cut can make your saree give a dynamic look. Cuts are a lot in trend and when added to the side of the blouse makes it visible in the front look of yours as well. Add charm to your saree with a well-fitted blouse and a small cut at the edge to tweak your usual blouse to a designer piece. Look at the below blouse designs which perfectly give you an example how to rock with a simple key hole on the sides of the blouse.  Just a simple key hole on the sides of the blouse will completely change the look of your blouse attire. If you don’t have this pattern in your wardrobe do make a try for your next blouse.

Keyhole cuts one below the other

Sometimes we need to change the basic look to feel comfortable in flaunting the skin to look ravishing. This is the time when you can cover a little part of your back by adding two to three smaller keyhole cuts rather than one big cut.  If you have a plain saree and looking for a designer pattern you may need to try this double or tripe key hole pattern blouse to make your blouse outstanding. Just add a contrast piping to the key hole cut out on the back of the blouse. Piping of the contrast fabric will definitely change the look of the blouse.

Keyhole cuts at the front: If you like wearing high neck blouse and want to add a twist to the usual look, it time to add a keyhole design right at the top center of the blouse. This will make the blouse look extremely stunning. This design goes well with full sleeves, cold shoulder, sleeveless or even short sleeve blouses.  As per the current trend report understand that  a collar neck blouse with a key hole in the front with perfect cut out of the back  is presently rocking on the hand loom sarees & designer sarees.

Combination keyhole designs:

You can combine two of these styles together to convert your basic design into a unique masterpiece. A small keyhole cut at the front top accompanied with the same on the side or back would look extremely cool.

Try out this designer keyhole cut blouses in different fabrics like cotton, Ikat, silk, Banarasi, and net to give a combination look to your saree. This season flaunt your beauty with a chick look embellished by a smart cut out designs in your blouse. Flaunt your blouse with a simple saree to look extremely fashionable and attractive.

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