Top 7 Types Of Silk Sarees that Every Woman Must Have In Her Wardrobe!

A six-yard saree is most important traditional outfit in India. Among all the fabrics it is the silk saree which looks rich and royal. The tradition of silk sarees is coming from ancient ages and if we go back we see all our grandma generally prefer the silk sarees (pattu sarees) for any occasions as they look so royal and ethnic. We have many types traditional silk sarees that is been followed in different stages. Each state in India are specialized in weaving the different types of silk sarees. Following are list of silk sarees which should be part of women wardrobe.

Kanjeevaram saree :-

Kanjeevaram sarees looks royal and will have a rich look. These kanjeevaram sarees are special in Tamilnadu. These sarees literally look stunning specially in dark shades and it combines with big border then the combination will be blow your mind . Ranging from dark shades to lite shades these kanjeevaram sarees look so elegant and ethnic. If we observe our celebrities they do get this weaved specially for wedding.   These kanjeevaram sarees go good for wedding attendee or for a bride. These sarees are perfect for any occasions and these kanjeevaram sarees should be part of women’s wardrobe.

Banarasi Silk Saree

The moment we recollect Kashi, Varanasi the first fabric that strikes to mind is Banarasi silk sarees. Either it is a silver mix or a gold mix these banarasi silk sarees looks stunning. Dark shades in this banarasi silk sarees looks so elegant and mind blowing. These sarees should be part of women’s wardrobe.

 Patola Silk Saree

Patola silk sarees look regal and classic and these sarees are specially weaved in Gujarat. When compare to kanjeevaram sarees these saree are the most expensive silk saree. The colour combination with geometrical  shapes will pay attention to this sarees. The colour combination in this saree are really eye catching and look so elegant. Designers Ayesh kajeriwal and guarang shah have a great collections in Patola silk sarees!

Mysore Silk Saree

Mysore silk sarees are trending since ages. These sarees come from mysore. Mysore silk sarees look so shiny and the color combinations in this silk sarees look so elegant and ethnic. These fabrics has both lite and heavy weight sarees and its all depends on the fabric.   Even though this looks simple but looks too stylish. These mysore silk sarees should be part of women’s wardrobe.  

 Chanderi Silk Saree

Many of the Indian women prefer chanderi silk saree as they are lite weight and are easy to carry. These designs of Chanderi silk sarees are generally with temple, floral and bird motif designs. These sarees look nice and are good for any occasions. These sarees have come from Madhya Pradesh region.

Dharmavaram Silk Saree

Since ages these dharmavaram silk sarees are ruling Andhra. These sarees have come from Andhra Pradesh.  Most of the AP brides prefer dharmavaram sarees for their big day and they feel that these sarees are most essential for them.


Paithani Silk Saree

The Paithani silk from Maharashtra. These silk sarees sarees have a dark shades like magenta, dark green, purple, peacock blue. These paithani silk sarees look so royal and these sarees are expensive too. Floral motif and animal motif with golden border are the major hit in these silk sarees.





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