30 Emerald beads Necklace designs!

For a festive or a wedding occasion Jewellery is the most important  thing for women. In this fashion world we have lot of varieties of jewellery designs in gold like long chains, kasula peru, guttapusala haram , pearl chain , emerald beads with pendant , ruby beads haram and so on. But if we look at the present trend emerald beads with locket or a simple emerald beads are becoming high in fashion. Here we present some beautiful and mind blowing emerald beads with pendant, clasps and simple emerald beads designs.

Emerald beads have huge variety of beads.  Broad beads , simple beads and heavy beads and depends on cost these beads vary . Even an simple single line emerald beads will give a beautiful look to your traditional outfit. Here are the below emerald beads chain without pendants.


Green Gold Tone Jade Necklace

Dilruba emerald beads

These classic emerald beads chain designs are presently rocking in this fashion world  and these emerald beads necklace will make your look outstanding with one ornament. Here is on of the unique peace.  ANTIQUE OLD MINES NATURAL EMERALD CARVED MELON BRIOLETTE DROPS 18KGOLD NECKLACE

Multi layered emerald chains with pendants or a simple emerald beads with side pendant looks so beautiful.  A multi layered heavy emerald beads with statement pendant with matching ear rings will look outstanding and ethnic on all types of outfits.  Here are some beautiful designs that will blow your mind.

These days these emerald beads with pendant is really rocking in this fashion world and many gold shops have a good varieties of collections.  Its all matters with the pedant designs you choose. Her are some more classic emerald beads collections that will make you awestruck.

Long length emerald beads with pendant will really work well on sarees these pattern designs will make your traditional outfit more ethnic and beautiful . Our celebrities are the classic example to how to rock.  Heavy pendant with five or seven layered beads is one of the trending option these days.

One of the ruling design in this modern world with emerald beads is , beads with side clasps or side pendants. A single pendant or a two side pendants or multi pendants will make these emeralds beads chains more outstanding. Pendants can be either with cz stones, uncut diamonds or diamonds .

Emerald beads with lord and goddess  pendants will make the chains more statements. Look at the below beautiful emeralds necklace chains with lord krishna , ganesh and goddess lakshmi devi pedant designs.


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