50 Mind blowing Gold and diamond Jhumkas designs!

Ear rings are the most important ornament for women and every woman likes to wear it. A pair of ear rings will give an instant look to the woman’s face and that is the major reason every woman will prefer to wear on any outfit. Among all the different types of ear rings the trending jewellery design that is ruling the present fashion world is “Jhumka”.

These Jhumka looks so adorable on any outfits including western. Depends on your outfit one may need to choose the type of Jhumkas that looks perfect on it. There are lot variety of Jhumkas that are being crafted beautifully with some precious stones. Apart from the normal simple plain gold Jhumkas other designs like Lakshmi kasu jumkha, diamonds Jhumkas, Meenakari work, emerald and rubies combination are the different patterns that have come in this trendy world.

Gold  Jhumkas :- A plain gold Jhumkas also go good. This pattern of plain gold Jhumkas are coming since ages and look too good on the traditional outfits. If you look at the trend the size the Jhumkas increase the more the fashion it is. You can skip your neck peace if you are going to opt for the traditional heavy Jhumkas These gold Jhumkas have some huge varieties of designs.

Diamond Jhumkas:- A Part from the gold Jhumkas one of the trend setter in this traditional world is diamond Jhumkasand they really look rich and beautiful. These 18 carat diamond Jhumkas literally looks good on the traditional outfits. There are lot of famous jewellery stores who remodeled these simpleJhumkas to a statement Jhumkaswith a different touch ups in the designs. Most trending design that are running now in diamonds is heavy JhumkasA pair of heavyJhumkas will give a statement look.

With a slight modification with a touch up with emerald and rubies beads to the diamond Jhumkas will give a beautiful look. Even flat diamonds with emerald is one of the deadly combination and every one will love these model.

Antique peacock diamondJhumkas are one of the trending Jhumkas that is ruling this fashion world and with a slight touchup with the emerald beads will go good. Below Jhumkas are perfect traditional diamonds that goes good on sarees.

Antique Gold Jhumkas – 22 carat gold antique Jhumkas are perfect for sarees. Heavy jumkhas with an antique finishing studded with rubies and emeralds are present fashion. A pair of antique Jhumkas are quite enough on the traditional saree and you can even skip the neck peace with these heavy Jhumkas. Look at the below Jhumkas to get an idea.

Polki diamond Jhumkas :- Another trending Jhumkas that are ruling this fashion industry is Polki diamond Jhumkas. Our celebrities are classic example. These polki diamond Jhumkas looks so adorable and they will do the justice on sarees, anarkalis and even on indo western outfits. With a touch up with rubies , emeralds and pearls these polki diamond  Jhumkas looks stunning. Even the plain polki diamond Jhumkas looks adorable.

Kundan Jhumkas :- Kundan Jhumkas looks so adorable and specially when it comes to kundans , the beautiful combination that strikes is peacock with rubies, emeralds and polki combination. These kundan Jhumkas  are now trending. If you don’t have these pattern in your jewellery list you may need to add them now.

Kundan with a touch up with the pearl hangings looks so adorable and outstanding. Team up these kundan jumkhas on any pattu saree for a perfect combination.

Gold Meenakari Jhumkas :- Looking for some statement Jewellery ? then blindly you can choose meenakari gold  Jhumkas These Jhumkas  looks statement. Look at the below Jhumkas wore by Anitha reddy. A pair of meenakari  Jhumkas are good enough to complete your look.

Celebrities  on their big day who added Jhumkas  in their wedding jewellery list :-

Sreeja Kalyan during her wedding festives she opted the traditional gold polki diamond ear covered  peacock ear rings and this is one of the statement peace made her more beautiful and during the wedding she opted the heavy diamond  Jhumkas

Actress Sonam kapoor on her big day she made every one awestruck  with her wedding jewellery. At the time of mehendi ceremony she opted statement polki diamond ear rings and on her wedding day she was seen in beautiful antique gold Jhumkas

Deepika pondakone  on her wedding day she looked absolutely stunning  and on her wedding she too opted the polki diamond  Jhumkas that has finishing touch with the emerald beads. She looked beautiful on her big day.

Anushka Sharma :- Gorgeous anushka sharma on ther big day like a trendy birde she opted the statement polki diamond  Jhumkas. She looked absoultely stunning in those beautiful polki diamond ear rings.

Upcoming brides thinking what best ear rings suits on your traditional sarees on your big day then above ideas will give you an idea how to rock on your big day.

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