Allu Arjun got a suprise hand drawn sketch of Lord venkateshwara from Brahmanandam as New Year gift!

Well we all know that allu Arjun and comedian brahmanandam is one of the favorite combination and this super comedian will and must be part of almost all films of Allu arjun. And recently on the new year day brahmanandam garu gifted hand drawn sketch of lord venkateshwara swamy to Allu arjun.

Understand from sources that   the pencil portrait of Lord Venkateswara/Balaji was took 45 days of hard work put in by Brahmanadam. Allu Arjun posted the picture and said, “The most priceless gift I received from our beloved Brahmanadam garu. 45 days of work. Hand Drawn Pencil Sketch. Thank you.”

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