25 Latest Gold ear rings designs by MLJ Mahalakshmi gems and jewellers!

Though gold rates are increasing higher and higher but the demand for the ornaments are still going on in the market. The investments in gold is one of the best option and its a very good plan.  When it comes to the fashion statement we generally see the celebrities these days get rocks with simple ear rings to complete the look and the designer of gold have come with many options in light and solid weight.

Though their are many competitors in the market  for gold we see one of the leading jewellery store who has some decent collections in gold is ” Mahalakshmi gems and jewellers” and this brand has some huge collections in gold, diamonds and silver. They are specialized in customization and understand from sources that they give the best when it comes to wastage and making charges.

Today here we are presenting here some amazing collection of gold long and simple ear rings from this brand. upcoming brides if you are looking for some decent collections to match your jewellery , here are classic collections that will blow your mind.

Well if we look at the below ear rings we see some classic collections in chandbali , antique with a combination of jadau , pota rubies and south sea pearls The best part their craftsman ship and detail intricate designs with perfect touch up and neat finishing.

The designs that blow your mind is all about their recent collections of jhumkhas with a traditional touch with a modern outcome. They use  22 carat gold for making the jewellery and if we have a deep glance of their designs they have a major collections in peacock design, ram parivar,  lakshmi design and mango designs. The beads that is been used in the jewellery are precious one. Specially the pearls , emeralds and rice pearls gave a good enhance to the look of the jewellery.

One more major hit from their designs are chandbali ear rings. The best part of their classic collections are light weight with heavy look designs and we can clearly see the skill of karigar who enhanced the version of solid look with light weight jewellery.  These days its a dream of every bride to get a budget friendly gold ornaments in light weight and we see this brand fulfill the wishes.

We saw many designs in this present fashion world but the one design that is ruling the traditional touch with modern look is peacock with lakshmi design with a enhancement of mango design. Below beautiful ear rings are classic example.

We literally appreciate the craftsman ship of the karigar, look at the below beautiful ear rings with lakshmi design on top stud adorned with rubies with heavy peacock jhumkhas with a detail intricate peacock design adorned with pearls and pumpkin emeralds.

If you look at this article the each image of the ear rings shows the weight of the grams of the ear rings , so one can decide their budget and can approach them for pricing details. Contact number details are on the image of the picture.

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