Beautiful One gram gold Long chains

Beautiful One gram Gold Long chains with price list and contact numbers. 

Generally all Wife's angel would be demanding on the gold ornaments (including me) to their husbands, men's please show this glitter gold article to them , this are really tempting … 

In my previous post as many of you all are requested for price and contact details. Here are the list of Beautiful one gram gold long chains along with the prices..Designs in one gram gold are really numerous. They are as good as Gold. Here are couple of beautiful one gram gold designs Listed below are top beautiful one gram gold long chains . It has Muvvala haram, Long chain, stone long chains, peacock long chains.

Now a days people are opting more of one gram gold as they are looking as similar as gold. Especially all women's will be looking for the latest and trendy designs and more over even though they have 1000 designs in front of them they be looking more ( all ladies please dont be angry on me ) . It's a tendency of women …

According to the prices below of them are listed. Below are listed are price ranging from Rs1800 to 3800 Rs..Their watsup number is +15857890204. all the price list is below the photos. 

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Below is the list of price from 4000 to 4800 Rs… They are really mind blowing. All of them are stone work. Combination of pink and white and also the favourite peacock design ( my blog viewer Gomathi & Rani's favourite designs) . As they are paired with the ear rings they are looking quite elegant and awsome and royal look. Please wats up to +15857890204. 

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Below are the price range from Rs 5700 to Rs 9500 . They are really amazing designs. I dont even think in gold you can get this sort of designs. You will get if you spend lakhs of rupess. But how many you will buy ??? It is better to go with beautiful one gram gold necklace even for big occassion.  

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Incase you are not seeing the price tags due to the slide show . please leave your comments will respond back.

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  1. Very beautiful collection. I want to know the price of the items location of the shop to buy directly in the stores.please share the details.

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