Kabali frenzy spreads, ticket prices soaring

Theatre owners have been selling Rajinikanth's "Kabali" tickets at five times higher than the original price.

Make hay while Rajinikanth shines! This seems to be the mantra for theatre owners who are making a killing by selling “Kabali” tickets at exorbitant prices — much to the disappointment of hardcore superstar fans.

With “Kabali” slated to release in over 4,000 screens worldwide on Friday, the demand for its tickets is unprecedented.

“Most theatres across the state (Tamil Nadu) have sold out tickets for the opening weekend. With the average ticket costing Rs 600, most ardent Rajinikanth fans are disappointed that they couldn’t afford the tickets on the first day,” trade analyst Trinath told IANS.

Despite Tamil Nadu government’s cap of Rs 120 on movie tickets, theatre owners have been selling “Kabali” tickets at five times higher than the original price.

“We are used to paying Rs 120 for movie tickets. But this sudden exponential increase in ticket price is very unfair. The prices vary according to the show timings. Early morning shows are sold at Rs 500-600 and the prices are slashed through the course of the day,” rues Santhosh Kumar, a second year college student.

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