Blouse Designs With Borders

Even though we have a plenty of blouse design it is the tendency of women who will be looking for a different styles and want to look unique on different occasions and when you get new saree the first thing what we think is about the blouse design .

border blouse designs

When these designer blouses are not available in the earlier days all the blouses in the back and at the hem of the blouse  and on the sleeves had a border and it was the trend at that time . As per the trend report we can say that now the blouse with the border are using for a different style pattern blouses.  Let’s have glimpse of some trending blouse patterns.

Blouse designs with big borders :-    

I am sure that for a wedding a minimum of 20 sarees with a combination of pattu (or) a kanjeevaram saree, designer saree and other sarees and most of them will be kanjeevaram sareess.  For a kanjeevaram saree big border pattern blouses are the best suited pattern and will come very well on the blouse .  When you have a big border to your saree while making a blouse just use the big border to your sleeves and the rest part of the blouse use it for a body of the blouse . This pattern blouses are trending these days’s Have a glance of the below blouses to get an idea .

border pattern blouses

Look at the below pattern blouse with the big border you will get an idea how to go with these kind of pattern blouses. WOW look at the actress anjali on the left side she has teamed the beautiful big border blouse  with high neck pattern and couple of patterns with small stone line work patterns. When you have 10 bridal kanjeevaram saree for wedding you can choose one of the blouse pattern in a simple way.

big border34

Combination of Embroidered Work & border sleeves :-   

When your kanjeevaram saree have short border or long border have some embroidered work on your sleeve to look outstanding.   To have an attractive blouse having a big border to your sleeves but want to give a rich look then the best idea will be having an embroidered work or maggam work or zarodsi work or kundan work on your sleeves by leaving the work on the border. Below blouse will give you an idea how to get those blouse designed.

elbow length 2

border blouse designs4

Look at the below beautiful blouse at the left side it just team up with zarodsi work or pattern in the saree is  copied with the work and make it as a creative border .Trend report says that when you a border in the sleeves you need to just leave the border and have make the maggam work only on the body of the blouse. Look at the below photos go an idea.

border blouse designs

Few more blouse designs with  borders on the sleeves . Trend report says that these designs are becoming more popular . Some times simple designs go very well for small as well as for big occasions as well.  Loved the below pattern blouses.

blouse designs with borders

Blouse designs with small borders :-

If your saree have a small border no issues . Try the below pattern to get a beautiful look to your blouse . One of the best and simple blouse pattern is small border pattern to your blouses. These blouse look quite simple yet decent and will bring emphasis on the saree and you can also use that small border as a piping to your sleeves and round the neck line to get a decent look.

short border sleeve

Patch work border blouses :-  Patch work border blouse pattern will also look good on your blouses . Below pictures will give you a better idea how to use the border on your blouse .

border patch work blouse designs

Hope these border blouse patterns have impressed you and gave a better idea to try out in future.

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