Must try Plain saree with kalamkari blouse

Trending these days are plain sarees. For the plain saree it is the blouse which plays are key role. If you are looking with the minimalist style with a decent artistic style on your outfit then you should try a kalamkari blouse.  The combination of plain saree and a superb kalamkari blouse is an essential and must have in every women wardrobe.

As per the trend report the current fashion is plain saree with kalamakari blouse and the recent designs from gaurang’s “Chitravali” collections at Lakme fashion week 2017 are the major proofs.

kalamkari prints needs no introduction. Kalamkari is a type of hand painted or block printed textile and the dyes for the cloth are obtained by extracting colors from various roots, leaves, and mineral salts of iron, tin, copper, and alum.

If you are looking for the minimalist style then definitely we prefer you to go with kalamkari blouse. As per the current trend contrast colour options are going good on sarees and kalamkari blouse is one of the versatile blouse from past 8 to 10 years. Out of all the prints leave, living ambiance , buddha ,ancient figures, flowers, birds, instruments designs are going in very high demand.

These kalamkari blouses will suit all most all the pattern sarees including kanjeevaram and patola sarees . These blouses specifically go very well on plain cotton , silk sarees or any gorgette or chiffon saree. Depends on your saree  colour you may need to team up the kalamkari print blouse  and we are sure that you will win the show.

Depends on the saree colour you may need to team up the kalamkari print style. Specially for the plain sarees you can team up these kalamakari print blouses from back less pattern to highly sophisticated high neck or off shoulder patterns. These blouses when it pair with cotton saree the official look really rocks. And when you are choosing the cotton saree we prefer you to go with the dark colour kalamkari print blouse and we are sure that you will definitely end up with the compliments.

Be it a dull colour or a lite shade just ensure  you choose a right pattern that suits your structure. Be it a cape model , peplum pattern , jacket blouse pattern,back button blouse or off shoulder blouse pattern . Even the patch of Kalamakari blouse go good on the plain sarees. Here are couple of blouse patterns of kalamakari print that gives an idea to team up with plain sarees.

To win the plain saree and Kalamkari pattern blouse you just accessorize the right eye rings and chain . For the plain saree and kalamakri print options oxidized German silver ornaments will go good. Try it and let us know it worked.

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