Ruffled attires are the streaming trendsetters this season

The last few years the fashion world had been witnessing different cuts and patterns to grab the attention others in any party. Last 6 months there has been an ever-accelerating trend of ruffles, which adds exclusivity to your garment and gives it a twist. The ruffle dresses have been shaping the fashion quest by adding different flairs to the look. Such ruffles can be added to a variety of garments ranging from blouses, sleeves, and sarees to salwar suits. So let us have a look at the various trend setting ruffle designs to pep up your party-look.

Ruffle Saree

Ruffle sarees gives that wow feeling, which would help you add volume to your regular saree and create the party extravagant look you, had always aspired for. It is perfect elegant yet trendy attire for evening parties and marriages. Add the volume of the ruffles depending on your body shape and inclination. The quality and quality of ruffles would add the glamour to your picture perfect look. These ruffles can be added to the skirt portion as well as the pleats. Keep the blouse simple to make the ruffles more visible.

Ruffle sleeved blouses

If you are not too comfortable with the big ruffles covering you, keep it simple by adding ruffles to the blouse and team it up with the saree of your choice.  This style is a retrieve of the 1990’s designs. So glam up with the trend setting ruffle blouses. Do not forget to accessorize it worth contemporary jewelry and a masterpiece clutch.

Ruffle dresses and Ruffle lehengas

Ruffle dresses and lehengas are an extension of the ruffle sarees. Adding ruffles of different sizes at different lengths can make you look like a princess. The fashion divas like Aishwarya Rai Bachan, Deepika Padukone, kalki etc have been located at different red carpet events with the exclusive and unparalleled look, when they work they wrapped up themselves in the beautiful ruffled designer wear. So bang on and use these tips to create your own version of the exquisite ruffle wear dresses.You can also add simple one or two layers of light ruffles to your lehenga to give the desired trendy look like never before.


Ruffles on the neckline

If you are still confused if the ruffles would suit you or not, use the simple trick of adding the same to your neckline. These ruffle suites almost all, if carried with poise and confidence.


So this season, make some space in your wardrobe to add the bulky ruffle wear and create the twist to your look like never before. Do share your compliments when you wear these attires. Be tuned for more fashion tips.

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