Beautiful One gram Gold designs

Beautiful One gram Gold designs:-

Designs in one gram gold are really numerous. They are as good as Gold. Here are couple of beautiful one gram gold designs Listed below are beautiful one gram gold long chains . It has Muvvala haram, Long chain, stone long chains, kasulaperu and so on…

Now a days people are opting more of one gram gold as they are looking as similar as gold. Especially all women’s will be looking for the latest and trendy designs and more over even though they have 1000 designs in front of them they be looking more ( all ladies please dont be angry on me ) . It’s a tendency of women … In the below list you can view the designs which are combination of white and red stone heavy necklace sets, peacock designs, White stone leave model necklace, Peacock long chains paired with white stone and pink stone necklaces, Heavy peacock design long chains, Complete kempula stone necklace sets,Combination of white and green stone necklaces, Pachalu necklace sets, Gundla haram paired with mutyam with a  pendant neck lace sets, Strong thread design chain with pendant and long chains. Please watch Fashionworldhub page in facebook for exclusive designs.

For the below designs please reach them on the wats up no – 09581193795. Below designs contains heavy necklace sets and a very beaufiful combination of  red and green stone combination of necklace paired with white mutyalu, and complete white stone peacock necklace sets and more.

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For below designs please contact their wats up no – 09790973374. Below designs contains heavy necklace sets and they are really beautiful. A complete heavy green stone necklace sets paired with white beads, Heavy white stone necklace sets,Long chain sets,Beautiful heavy necklace set paired with white stone, pink stone and green stones, Mutalya muvvala haram paired with white stone, green stone and pink stones, Heavy peacock shaped necklace sets. a complete pink stone necklace sets, Heavy necklace sets with a combination of white, pink and green stone necklace and is paired with big white beads. All of them are very classy designs.

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For the below designs please contact their WATS UP number 095354 45000

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For the below designs please contact their wats up no -8978304347

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For the below designs

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