The ultimate hairstyle for the traditional wear: The Gajra style

We cannot just deny the act that the attire you choose plays an extremely important part in choosing the way you look. However the fact that how you tie up your hair defines the elegance of the ultimate look you carry cannot be denied either. If you are planning to wear a traditional sari do not miss out on combining it with a Gajra, which would redefine your looks to the paramount heights. There are a number of ways how you can choose to wear a Gajra and accessorize your hair for a fresh and unparalleled look.

Full Bun Gajra: A full bun Gajra is the most common style to add to your traditional look without looking too dressy. Just use a single strand to go around the bun and add perfection. It adds excellence to your looks and makes you feel comfortable with the complete look.

Criss-Cross the Gajra: Make a plat and tie the Gajra in a crisscross pattern to add a twist to the general look. You can also use artificial strand and make it look real by playing well with the flowers.

A big bun with Semi- covered Gajra: If you are still looking for less visibility of the superb smelling flower, use the strand to cover the lower half of your well made bun. It definitely takes a little extra time to make the bun but the ultimate look is completely worth the patience.

Well-tested South Indian Gajra hairstyle: This would be rated the best look if it were your wedding. A south Indian vital look is incomplete without the traditional heavy Gajra, which consist of a combination of flowers and ornaments. Nothing can beat this look!

Tie it on one end: If to are looking for an indo western look you can use a single or double strand to tie it up on the end of the bun.

Use in lots and open them up: Use a bunch of these flowers and then them overlap your hair. It looks flashy so check the look to accompany the attire you chose to wear. This can be the best look or can do a disaster if not done well. This is ever green trend and which will never go out of fashion

Petty but perfect, little and trendy hair clips: Use small hair clips made of mixed flowers to add a little fragrance of traditional fashion. A simple flower hair clips will change the complete look of your hairstyle. A small roses with or with small leafy pattern with some stone embellishments will also good good!

Floral Jewelry: The Gajra can be used as a maangtika in one of the side functions of a marriage. It looks different as compared to the gold jewelry you have decided to wear for other functions. Get them made in combination to your attire using your choice of flowers.

A bouquet hairstyle to add colors: use a bunch of mixed flowers in combination with your Gajra to add magnificence to your appearance.

This season along with searching for the perfect attire keep the screenshots of your favorite hairstyle with Gajra and flowers and get the lovely compliments. Don’t forget to share them in our blog.

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